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Home Repair

A Brush with Kindness

diggersA Brush with Kindness is Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s home repair program for low income seniors and disabled residents. In October of 2011, we began the A Brush with Kindness program, and have since helped over 165 residents of DeKalb County.

“The work we do varies in scope, but it makes such a difference,” said Adam Moreland,  HFHD Program Services Director. “Partnering with homeowners to take care of their homes has a  huge positive effect for them, and in some cases, such as with accessibility ramps, that effect is life changing.”

 “I needed a little help, but I never knew they would come out like this. I  am so grateful because I know  I couldn’t have got this work done without them,” said Ida Thomas, who partnered with A Brush with Kindness in 2011.

The AARP Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo, and the John & Polly Sparks Foundation have all partnered with HFHD for A Brush with Kindness, and have given a combined $160,000 since 2011 to fund the program. Much like HFHD’s “Hands-Up” policy regarding homes, A Brush With Kindness participants put in their fair share of the partnership too.

Since we started A Brush with Kindness, we have:

  • Completed painting, landscaping, and minor repairs on 50 homes
  • Made weatherization improvements on 30 homes
  • Performed Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical repairs completed on 20 homes
  • Removed or trimmed trees on 14 homes
  • Built accessibility ramps
  • Helped 165 individuals
  • Mobilized 1500 volunteers
  • Hosted 80 total service days

Unfortunately, we are not accepting new ABWK applications due to a long waiting list of deserving applicants. We hope to open up the application process in November 2016.

Veteran’s Build

In August of 2014, we became a Veterans Build affiliate.  Through a generous grant from our partners at The Home Depot Foundation, we have completed 8 critical home repair service projects for low-income, disabled Veterans extending our reach in ensuring that those in need are able to age in place.
veteranFive Pillars of Veterans Build

1.  BUILD:  Through new construction, rehabs, repairs and barrier free renovations provide simple, decent, affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for military service members, Veterans, their families and families of the fallen.

2.  EDUCATE:  Provide Veterans with access to financial education programs that support sustainable homeownership and promote a better understanding of military/veteran culture among Habitat’s civilian supporters.

3.  MOBILIZE:  Engage service members, Veterans, their families, families of the fallen and Habitat’s civilian supporters to serve and honor Veterans together in volunteer opportunities and veteran focused advocacy both domestically and abroad. 

4.  EMPLOY:  Leverage the skills and experience of Veterans for employment, internship, fellowship, apprenticeship and national service opportunities within Habitat and enable similar opportunities with partner organizations.

5.  HONOR:  Identify opportunities to honor service members, Veterans, their families and families of the fallen (Target dates include:  Veterans Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.).

If you would like stretchto fund a much needed ABWK or Veteran’s Build project for a low income senior, Veteran, and/or disabled homeowner in DeKalb County, email Bob Boyd

If you would like a Veteran’s Build critical home repair application, email Bob Boyd.