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The standing committees of the board are Executive, Development, Finance and Audit, Human Resources, and Nominating. Board members take the lead in fund-raising efforts and in conducting home dedications to recognize and thank sponsors and congratulate new homebuyers. – See more at:

Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s board members are volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds. Our small staff depends on our board members for support and oversight in all areas of the organization. Their passion, strategic planning, financial expertise, technical skills, and fund raising dedication are among the many invaluable gifts we receive from our volunteer board members.

The board of directors operate independently of Habitat for Humanity International and in accordance with its own set of bylaws. The standing committees of the board are Executive, Resource Development, Finance and Audit, Site Selection, Construction, Family Support, Family Selection, Community Outreach, and Nominating. 


The dedicated team hard at work during a monthly board meeting.

Board at GH

2014 Golden Hammer Awards Reception: Thomas Billups, Bob Boyd, Michelle Hamilton, Mark Abrams, Nedra White, Eric Larson, John Bennett, Jon-David Huffman, Angela Soyemi.






Key Experience

Governance and Oversight
Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb is responsible to the Board of Directors. HFHD’s Board of Directors gives direction to the organization. The staff reports to the Board of Directors, which ensures that the organization is adhering to its bylaws, missions, and principles.

Banking and Finance
Numerous members of Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s Board of Directors have professional experience in the Banking and Finance industry. With the weight of this experience behind it, the Board is able to make effective decisions regarding the finances of HFHD and manage the organization’s revenue and expenditures in an efficient manner.

Real Estate Development
Several of Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s Board Members have experience with real estate and development. With member professions ranging from mortgage officer to realtor, the Board of Directors is capable of providing oversight and guidance regarding the acquisition and management of property.

Community Development
Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s Board of Directors is made up of professionals from various industries with numerous connections throughout DeKalb County. Through the actions of the Board, HFHD is able to grow and involve the community in our mission to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Family Selection
Helping our family partners is what drives Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb. The Board of Directors provides guidance and participates in the process of reviewing applications and selecting our family partners. The Board’s role is an essential part of the process in helping family partners achieve their goal of home ownership.

Our Board Members

<strong>Mark Abrams </strong><em>Lilburn</em>
Mark Abrams LilburnPresident
Mark Abrams is owner of Aspen Information Systems, Inc and is a resident of Lilburn, GA. He initially joined the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors in 2009 and re-joined in 2013. He currently serves as President. 

<b>Nedra White </b><em>Stone Mountain</em>
Nedra White Stone MountainVice President
Nedra White is a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer. She resides in Stone Mountain, GA and has been on the Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb’s Board of Directors since 2011, where she acts as Vice President and chairs the Family Support Committee.

<strong>Jon David</strong> <strong>Huffman</strong><em> Decatur</em>
Jon David Huffman DecaturSecretary
Jon David Huffman is an attorney currently practicing at the Poole Law Group in Decatur, Georgia. He has served on Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors since June, 2014.

<strong>Eric Larson</strong><em> Decatur</em>
Eric Larson DecaturTreasurer
Eric Larson currently serves as Treasurer.

<strong>Jeff Soren</strong> <em>Dunwoody</em>
Jeff Soren DunwoodyBoard Member
Jeffrey Soren is with Enterprise Data Assets (EDA) Manager at SunTrust Bank. He has over 16 years of broad experience in Information Technology. He has been on the board since 2015.

<strong>Claudine Vaughn</strong> <i>Atlanta</i>
Claudine Vaughn AtlantaCommittee Chair
Claudine Vaughan is a teacher with the DeKalb County Schools. Claudine serves on both the Family Selection and Family Support Committee.

<strong>Angela Soyemi</strong> <i>Doraville</i>
Angela Soyemi DoravilleCommittee Chair
Angela Soyemi is a Public Health Surveillance Support Specialist with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She has served as a volunteer for over a decade and on Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors since 2013.  She is the chair of the Family Selection Committee.

<b>Cassandra Prescott </b><em>Decatur</em>
Cassandra Prescott DecaturBoard Member
Cassandra Prescott is Director of Business Operations-Human Resources at APD Solutions. She has worked in affordable housing for over 12 years. She is on the Family Support and Family Selection committees. She has served on the board since 2014.

<strong>Jeffery L. Mann </strong><em>Decatur</em>
Jeffery L. Mann DecaturBoard Member
Sheriff Jeff Mann is an attorney currently practicing at the Poole Law Group in Decatur, Georgia. He has served on Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors since June, 2014.

<strong>Thomas Billups </strong><em>Alpharetta</em>
Thomas Billups AlpharettaCommittee Chair
Thomas Billups of Alpharetta, GA, works with David Weekley Homes and as an instructor at Atlanta Technical College. He joined Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors in 2013, and serves as Chair of the Construction Committee.


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