Veteran Repairs



Philip, a veteran, needed to have his porch steps repaired because they became too unsafe for him to use. After our assessment, we discovered that the steps weren’t built to code needed to be reconstructed.


Ralph Johnson

Ralph, a veteran, joined the Army in 1977 shortly after marrying in 1975. He had two children, one deceased, and now raises his two teenage grandchildren. He retired from the military in 1986 and worked several jobs over the years within the government. He is now fully retired and enjoying his home of 30 years.

We have identified several critical home repairs that will allow Ralph to age in place safely at his home: replace water heater, install new deadbolt locks, add gutters, replace bathroom countertop.



Brenda, originally from Newark, New Jersey, was born the eldest of 2 siblings (her younger sister is deceased). She left Newark at the young age of 17 to join the Army and spent her entire military career at Fort Belvoir until her discharge in 1968. She moved to Georgia in 1970 and became the secretary for the then Governor Jimmy Carter.

We want to preserve the history of her home by completing some repairs and upgrades:

Replace HVAC

Replace gutters

Repair leaks in crawl space

Install railing for back porch and steps

Install handicap toilets

Grab bars for toilet area

Install handicap accessible walk-in shower


AmeriCorps National and Habitat for Humanity

Darryl was born in Americus, Georgia and purchased his current home in 2003. He served in the Army as a Reservist and Active Duty. He left the Army after being injured and took on several jobs such as U-Haul mechanic, Wendy’s technician, Georgia Power engineer, and UPT (Utility Pole Technology). It was during this position that he was seriously injured when a 350 lb. jack hammer fell on him shattering several disks in his neck and back that resulted in a metal plate in his back. Daryl has 5 boys; he loves to entertain and cook and of course, eat! For Daryl to continue living comfortable and safely in his home, the following repairs are needed:

  • Replace HVAC unit
  • Replace the water heater
  • Replace toilets throughout the house
  • Repair outdated and dangerous electrical panel
  • Install handrails in basement and den area
  • Repair ceiling fan in master bedroom




Lester is a veteran born in Houston, Texas. He's lived in his house for 26 years. Lester worked as a cook in the Army and for General Motors. Since retiring, he's enjoyed spending time on the deck, reading, soaking up some sun, and cooking for friends and family. Over the years, Lester's deck has deteriorated due to age, carpenter bees, and wear and tear. We were able to repair his deck so that he and his wife of 50 years go safely enjoy it again.