Habitat for Humanity-International hosted its Global Conference March 27-30th and it was AMAZING! There were hundreds of difference sessions for attendees to choose from, and there were attendees from all around the world-LITERALLY! I got to have breakfast with the head of Habitat for Humanity South Africa. Did you know the best time to visit South Africa is in January through March?

crowd at global conf

Waiting with thousands of my closest friends to hear President Jimmy Carter speak.

Habitat for Humanity-DeKalb was fortunate enough to be able to send our entire staff to the conference! We sat in on innovative sessions that left us invigorated and excited to get back to work.

We were pleased to share the event with community partners such as Rodney Reese, Senior Planner-DeKalb County Community Development and a few residents from our joint neighborhood revitalization program. Their enthusiasm at being included was a tangible reminder of why we do the work we do.

Conference attendees were fortunate to be able to hear President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter speak. For this Georgia girl, it was a motivational moment to say the least. He challenged us to never stop thinking that we can do more to change people’s lives. It honestly felt like he was passing the torch, from his generation to the younger generation. I loved it!

The theme of the conference was #EveryHabitatHand. It was a firsthand reminder that every single person affiliated with Habitat, from volunteers, to staff, to donors, to families, is what makes Habitat for Humanity what it is. All over the world, Habitat is helping a family every 50 seconds.

Just imagine what we can collectively do in the next 10 years?

Feel free to reach out to me to see where you fit in – Daniella Singleton.