This Mother's Day, please help Habitat for Humanity DeKalb make dreams come true for DeKalb County mothers and families in need. 

Every $1.00 invested in Habitat for Humanity DeKalb equals $1.56 injected into your local economy.


How can you help?

Any gift, no matter how small, can make a difference for a mother and her family.  When our community comes together, gifts large and small are combined and homes are built or repaired. When you think of your own home and the love that holds it together, think of your Habitat for Humanity neighbors in need:

  • Debbie says the Habitat DeKalb team members are “my angels. They changed my life.” A senior who’d lived in her house for 42 years, Debbie struggled for years as a single mother with three children, refinancing her home after her divorce to keep their home.  Then she was diagnosed with lupus. Still she hung on, but couldn’t handle the upkeep physically even with her grown children’s help.  Then the call came that “was a blessing.”

  • Sharlene struggled with every parent’s nightmare – living in an unsafe neighborhood with her young children.  Obtaining an affordable mortgage from Habitat DeKalb was a gift beyond measure. As was the joy she saw on her children’s faces the day they moved in.

  • Melissa, also a single mother in similar circumstances to Sharlene, found her joy in coming full circle from building Habitat Homes as a teenager.