Own a Home

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Live or work in DeKalb County for a minimum of 2 years prior to filing the application.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or have Permanent U.S. Resident Status. Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb does not discriminate because of age, race, religion, sex, handicap status, veteran status, marital status, or national origin.
  • Do not own your own home and have not owned a home in the past.
  • Have a steady source of income for two years prior to filing the application for a new home.
  • Any bankruptcy filings must have been discharged a minimum of two years prior to filing an application.
  • Have a total household income which does not exceed 60% of the median income  for Atlanta using HUD reporting. See chart below.
  • Have a savings account and have a plan for saving up to $2500. for closing costs.
  • You must be willing to partner with Habitat by working a total of 250 “sweat equity” hours by helping to build other Habitat partner homes, attending approved educational classes, workshops, working on approved Habitat projects, etc.
  • Partner families understand that they are selected based upon actual need for housing, ability to pay, and willingness to partner with Habitat.
  • Partner families understand that they MUST successfully complete an application and submit all documents on deadline to the Habitat office.
  • Visit our Homeownership Preparation page for applicant tools that may assist you prior to applying for your first home.
  • Visit Apply for a Home for more information on applying for a home.

Additional Requirements

  • Need for housing (as demonstrated by one or all of the following):
    • Substandard problems with areas such as: heat, water, electricity, structure, etc.
    • Insufficient space — lacking enough bedrooms for the number of people in the household.
    • Dangerous — located in unsafe or unsanitary living conditions.
    • Inadequate—not suited for a family member who has a limitation.
  • Ability to Pay
    • Your income will not stop or decrease by owning a home and has been stable over the last 24 months and is within 30 to 60% of median income as determined by HUD.
    • Your income must allow you to make monthly mortgage payments that includes your insurance, taxes, termite inspection, and any closing costs (approx. $2,000), as well as cover current credit obligations. No more than 30% of your monthly income can go for housing needs.
    • Your credit report and current debts are satisfactory. No more than 50% of your monthly income can go toward your debts.
  • Willingness to partner with Habitat
    • The pre-qualification and new home ownership applications must be completed truthfully, on time, and with all the requested information. Be willing to move within DeKalb County to the location where the new home will be built.
    • Agree to complete 250 sweat equity hours as defined by Habitat for Humanity – DeKalb.
    • Understanding that sweat equity is the Partner Family’s non-cash contribution toward the building of their home. It is recognition of each Partner Family’s commitment for their home.

Atlanta Area Median Family Income (MFI) is $64,400

Family Size 30% of Median 50% of Median 60% of Median 80% of Median
1 Person $13,550 $22,550 $27,900 $36,050
2 Persons $15,450 $25,800 $31,860 $41,200
3 Persons $17,400 $29,000 $35,820 $46,350
4 Persons $19,300 $32,200 $39,780 $51,500
5 Persons $20,850 $34,800 $43,020 $55,650
6 Persons $22,400 $37,400 $46,200 $59,750
7 Persons $23,950 $39,950 $49,380 $63,900
8 Persons $25,500 $42,550 $52,560 $68,000