Shirley & Albert

Shirley & Albert

Shirley and Albert have been living in their home for 33 years. Shirley worked as an employee for Emory Health and Albert as a janitor and other jobs. They both enjoy traveling and lots of fishing! It took them time and patience to purchase their home. Since 1990, it's seen children, grandchildren, many holidays, and continues to witness their marriage. In order to see many more years of memories, Shirley and Albert are in need of several critical repairs:

Removing carpet that's become a tripping hazard

Repairing/replacing the wood flooring and joists causing the floor to sag

Installing grab bars in the bathroom

Covering exposed wires on for the bathroom light switch

Repairing broken front door frame and rotted kitchen door + hinges

Replacing the leaky hot water supply line to the washing machine

Ralph Johnson

Ralph has been living in his home for ## years. He married his late wife, ____, who passed in 2013. Shirley worked as a _____ and spent her time doing _____. Albert worked as a _____ and spent his time doing ______. It took them ## years to save for and purchase their home. Since YYYY, it's seen the loss of loved ones, 5 grandchilden. His grandchildren have a place to call home and we would like to help Ralph keep it that way.

  • cleaning and installing new gutters for the home
  • replaceing the siding
  • installing a new bolt for the back door.
  • Replacing an old water heater