A Father and His Car

Eden is a father who recently donated a car through our Cars for Homes program that resells or recycles them to raise funds that’ll help us carry out our mission. Cars, like homes, hold memories that bring us a sense of nostalgia. For Eden, this red Oldsmobile reminded him of his brother’s wedding and grandfather. Continue reading to learn what he said.

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My name is Eden. This car originally belonged to, and was bought new by, my maternal grandfather – Retired Major Thomas O. Jelks. He served in the European theater during WWII and in the Korean War. He was a funny, feisty person who loved cooking, joking around, and his family.

He originally bought it because Granny wanted a red car. They lived in Columbus, GA and drove the car mostly to medical appointments but also took it once a week to a little hot dog stand they loved in Alabama. Occasionally they went to Bucks BBQ, an old favorite, for dinner.

After Granny died in 2003, he drove from Columbus to Chattanooga for his grandson’s (my brother’s) wedding. He didn’t like the interstate, so he took back roads all the way, which took him at least twice as long to get there. His car was used by the best man (myself) to drive the groom to the wedding site and then the newly married couple from the wedding site to the reception site (with a celebratory red bow on the hood).

After Grandad died in 2011, the car was owned and operated by myself – driving primarily to work and home in Atlanta for a number of years. Fortunately, this route was a short 10 mile round trip, so I was able to continue the tradition of relatively low mileage on the car. I would often feel his presence while driving and remember him fondly. This vehicle has provided my family with over twenty years of good memories and I hope whoever buys it will continue to have happy memories of fun and family.