Volunteers are the heart of Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteers are vital in our work of building homes, communities and hope in Dekalb county. Join us in building affordable homeownership opportunities for local families. No prior experience is necessary – we’ll show you what to do!

Every hand makes a difference.


Click the button below to learn how to sign up to become an individual volunteer.

Want to make a meaningful difference?


You and your friends, family or co-workers can volunteer for an exciting day on a home-building project!


Please contact us 770-270-6813 ext. 105

View our calendar to see available dates for your group.

gray ghost

Do you have specific skills and knowledge to bring?


Consider becoming a Gray Ghost. They are skilled individuals who give their time and knowledge to help our staff with builds and repairs.


Each time a Gray Ghosts helps us, we know that the homeowner is getting the best.

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We Appreciate our Volunteers!

Luten "Chip" Tate, Ron Abercrombie, Allen Hoffman, Thomas "Tom" Cordner, Rahim Shariff, Zachary Brown, Phyl Hilton,  Zach Brown, Bill Brown, Bry Wimberly, Paul Zakutansky, Will Gamba, Adrion Bell, Aklilu Giorges, Alen Doty,  Allan Wolff, Amina Person, Aminah Hassan, Amy Caldwell, Ana King, Andrew Douglas, Angela Brazile, Angela Ward, Aniece Prince, Anthoni Else, Anthony Accetta, Anthony Fiorentino, Anthony Galloway, Anthony Peterson, Ariane Edwards, Ashley Miller, Aubree Doernberg, Audrey Bennett, Audrey Larcomb, Basanta Koirala, Betelihem Gberegergs, Brad Gross, Brenda Moura, Briale James, Brian Harris, Brian Hollahan, Brian Pitts, Brittany Mclendon, Carla Marrero, Charmaine Brown, Chelsea Beshears, Chelsey Rogers, Chidinma Uwadie, Chris Olbrych, Christina Tran Tran, Copper Toure, Corion Lewis, Courtney Ceto, Craig Pena, Dannisha Turner, Darious Massey, Darry Johnson, David Guo, Davidson Potts, Daviya Jones, Dawn Hayden, Dee Harris, Dixitha Bharath Kumar, Dwayne Hilton, Edmund Cotter, Eli Arbov, Elisa Soares, Emily Hudson, Erik Guzman Dominguez, Ethan Brown, Frantz Surpris, George Musau, Getachew Zegeye, Grace Zheng, Harsha Reddy, Henry Xuan, Ian McPherson, Ieshia Lilly, Iseoluwa Samuel, Jacinda “Cindy” Thomas Jackson, Jacqueline Brown, Jade Chung, Jade Nelson, Jakyra Williams, Jamie Coleman, Jan Ganzeveld, Janice Miles, Jennie Soria, Jennifer Nguyen, Jeremy Edwards, Jessica English, Jessica Wise, Jhamiya Jones, Jim Spiker, Joana Yeboah, Joaquim Pacer, John Wilhoit, Jorge Flores, Kamaria Bankston, Kambria Williams, Kara Kile, Karen Fitzpatrick, Kelly Sarmiento, Kevia Morris, Kevin Borgella, Kian O'Rourke, Kristi Brewer, Kyah Brown, Lamur Banks, Lani Ward, Latoya Robinson, Latreese Lovence, Laura Baptiste, Lauren Alston, Lena Ayoub, Lizzy Fang, Logan Breault, Lucius Herrmann, Madeline Rogers, Makhi Harrison, Margaret Tatum, Margarita Chavez, Maria Jimenez, Mark Jaundoo, Marshall Dillon, Matthew Francis, Matthew Kasten, Meghan Mills, Melanie Beebe, Melat Wubete, Meschelle King, Michael Clancey, Michael Mooty, Mikyta Daugherty, Nicole Brooks, Nicole Washington, Norman Slawsky, Phyl Hilton, Phyllis Vinson-Cook, Princeton Harding, Rachel Turn, Regina Hayman, Reginald Upchurch, Renada Flynt, Rigoberto Cruz, Robert Jackson, Robert Poff, Rosa Cantrell, Saba Ferej, Sabrina Barrios, Samantha Kohlman, Sarah Sheff, Seah Bankston, Shaleka Francis, Sharita Galloway, Sharita Gause, Shawn Blacharski, Sied Yimer, Stacy Hazard, Stephanie Holcomb, Stephfel Love, Tanya Jankowski, Team Owens, Telita Anthony, Tia Williams, Tiffany Hill, Tiffany Patterson, Tiffany Stenger, Torey Harris, Traviance Armour, Tyesha Wise, Tyler Kitchens, Tytianna Render, Ulonda Whitehead, Vanessa Bell, Victoria Rudolph, William Lentjes, Yanni Pappas, Ian Butler, Tiffany Luo, Nicole York, Jaliyah Hargrove, Jasmine Milan, Jermaine Tucker, Jennifer Wheeler, Karan Soni, Kay Norgard, Kennady Boyd, Kevin Davis, Kimberly Newark, Latravia Bell, Laura Sandberg, Laurence Battle, Luke Barz, Leah Abraham, Levi Oliver, Marti McCaleb, Minh Thomas, Maria Vigil, Miranda Carlton, Dionne McNeil, Danielle Ross, Maggie Sinclair, Matt Williams, Phyllis Morral Schneider, Frankya Ivory, Carla Poston, Qwe'neisha Kimber, Renay Cobbler, Saddiq Rupani, Alex Dunlavy, Kenyon Riley, Winter Adams, Ahmed Hill, Shanel DeBruce, Sherill Canady-Brown, Searell Kent, William Banks, Ianham Sung, Min Suh, Symone Moses, Tanya Hugee, Anthony Garner, Thomas Hollahan, Veronica Hayes, Chakayla Godley, Waylon Jones, Yonatan Amsalu, Zachary Brown, Tausha Bannerman, Joseph Port, Bethea Shalease, Jordan Southerland, Angela Atkins, Paras Motiram, Katina Cook, Lucretia Gant, Nicole Mckenzie, Danielle Daley, Brian Jones, Kayla Mcgee, Abel Isayas, Lynette Burkhart, Kevin Crawford, Jasyn Banks, Mari Banks, Canace Saunders, Zack Mountcastle, Darrell Walters, Toni Miller, Bry Wimberly, Yara Bitar, Omar Mohamed, Linda Ellis, Brooklin Potts, Brad Wells, Patrice Web, Gary Huppert, Tyra Russell, Robert Rougely, Henry Britto, Haaben Kidanu, Iyabode Falola, Brook Heaps, Michele Henry, Mikal A Solomon, Jasmine Farmer, Alexia Clark, Melissa Rios, Brandon Volz, Roger Ferrell, Shantesica Bloodworth, Christian Chiok, cameron thomas, Aliyah Ware, jair rushin, Jessie Sparrow, Michael McGlincy, amie gray, Chris Carroll Mei Yi (Margaret) Lu, Susan Andre

Group Highlights: Decatur City Church, May Architecture, Emory University, Mercer University PA Dept., Truist, Paragon Bank, Clifton Manor, Meridian Cooperative, Tucker High School, Dunwoody High School, United Methodist Church, New Tenth Foundation, Brookhaven Rotary, Benise-Dowling & Associates, State Farm, Owens Corning Roof Deployment, ARAC Roofing, Realty Associates of Atlanta.




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