Due to COVID-19, our offices are closed to the public and staff is working remotely.

Please call or email for appointments. Construction activity is limited to staff and select volunteers until further notice. Our priority is to protect our staff, volunteers, and the people we serve during this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt accordingly. 

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The months ahead may pose some unknown challenges to our organization. DeKalb Habitat remains unwavering in our commitment to provide homes and hope for the hardworking families that need a stable, safe, and decent place to live. To learn more read our latest newsletter - Nuts & Bolts

Many of our Habitat homeowners make their family’s living in the industries that have been devastated by the global pandemic and this could lead to catastrophic consequences for our homeowners. These families will certainly be concerned about continuing to make ends meet including their mortgage payments. We are committed to working with each family during this uncertain time, but we need your financial support to sustain us in that.  

We are asking for your support to build an “Emergency Home Fund” to assist our current homeowners and future homeowners who may be adversely affected, facing unexpected lost wages and increased childcare costs, while trying to navigate this uncertain time.

In DeKalb County, a full-time worker earning minimum wage can’t afford current market rent for a two-bedroom apartment - let alone buy a home.

We’re working to change that.


Hope for Homeowners. Hope for Seniors. Hope for Veterans. Hope for Dekalb.
Your generosity helps deserving families with a hand-up, not hand-out.