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A DeKalb County where everyone has a home that provides the strength, stability and independence that families need.

Attention DeKalb Residents: Homeownership Information Sessions

Do you qualify to be a Habitat Homeowner? Is this the right program for you? Information about our program will be presented with opportunities to ask questions. You will leave the session with a list of documents you need to gather in order to submit a complete application. You only need to attend 1 session. Visit our homeownership page for more details.

Habitat for Humanity DeKalb (GA) is a nonprofit housing organization that seeks to bring communities together through building and repairing homes, providing homeownership education, and advocating for affordable housing.

We do not give away houses. Habitat homeowners pay an affordable mortgage, receive financial education, and help build their homes alongside volunteers. We also repair and modify homes for older adults in DeKalb county. Habitat for Humanity DeKalb’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Since 1988

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