Cars for Homes: Thank you Anne!

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We love a good story! And they don’t just come from the families we serve.

This one comes from a recent “Cars for Homes” program donation. If you’re not familiar with the program, here’s how it works. You donate a car, and after the car is either sold at a wholesale auction or sent to a salvage and recycling yard, the resulting value generated goes to a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the local area of the donation.

When Anne Rector donated her 2003 Subaru Forester Wagon with 207,706 miles on it, she offered this cherished memory:

Our 2003 Subaru Forester is the first car my spouse and I purchased together. We had a lot of adventures in it, but this is a favorite:

While training to hike the Grand Canyon, we decided to hike the Yellow Mountain trail in western North Carolina.

As we hiked, a blizzard moved in, and we missed a fork in our path back. Cold, wet, with no cell connection, and pretty much lost, we finally found a road that we guessed might be where the car was parked.

I left all our gear with my spouse and hiked a mile uphill to find the car. When I saw that beautiful, familiar Forester at the trailhead, I knew we were okay. I jumped in and headed down the hill, honking all the way so my spouse would know I was coming.

The Forester navigated the snowy roads, as always, with no problems, and we spent the night in a warm motel room.

The next morning, our Forester was covered in six inches of snow and ice! Which is how we would have looked if we hadn’t had our reliable, beloved Forester to take us to safety.

We’ll miss our Forester but will be glad this donation benefits someone else through Habitat for Humanity.

We thank you, Anne! Not only for your donation that benefitted DeKalb County Habitat for Humanity, but for your grit and determination not to give up. We admire those traits, and those are traits we see in the families we serve every day.

We serve families who have employment but can’t obtain a mortgage.

We serve families who have a need for safer, more quality housing, but for whom current housing costs are out of the question.

And we serve families who find us to help them overcome their challenges, who are more than willing to work to build a house with us and who take hours of homeownership classes… lots more effort than is required of a typical homebuyer. And they have the grit and the determination to do it.

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