The Senior Home Repair Program works with low-income or disabled homeowners who need assistance with repairs that will alleviate health and safety issues. Habitat also offers Home Preservation as a component of the Repair Program to address minor home maintenance and repairs to the home.

The program offers two categories of assistance:

Critical Home Repairs: Keeping homes safe, dry, and warm.

Roof repairs


Heating and cooling


Structural (walls, floors, ceilings)

Extensive siding

Water infiltration

Weatherization (insulation, windows)

Aging in Place Repairs: Helping homeowners age with dignity in the comfort of their own home.

Accessibility improvements

Fall prevention

Ramp installations

*Cosmetic repairs NOT included in this program


must submit $1000 down payment

must be aged 65 and above or disabled

must meet income requirements

home must be at least 15 years old

must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident

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