Where We Are & What’s Next For Us

Veteran Home Repair Project – April 2022

We are so excited to see spring weather and hope you are, too. For us that means even more volunteers on our active repair projects that help veterans and seniors here in DeKalb County.
Thank you for your continued support. Here is an update on Habitat for Humanity DeKalb – where we are and what’s next for us in 2022. 

Where we are:

  • We have four active senior and veteran repair projects going, ranging in size. The types of repairs are: age-in-place safety modifications, painting, flooring, kitchen areas and stove replacement, HVAC, weatherization and roofing. We’ve seen many previous and new volunteer faces on site, and we are so grateful.
  • We were joyous to hear of the generous donation by MacKenzie Scott directed to Habitat for Humanity International and 84 of the 1100 affiliates in the Habitat network. While our affiliate was not a recipient, we are grateful to know those funds will provide more homes across the country. We continue to need your support as much as ever to address the critical need for affordable housing in our own community. 
  • We do, however, thank Commissioner Jeff Rader of District 2 for his newly approved investment that will enable an expansion of our Aging in Place repair program to increase our impact in DeKalb County. 

What’s next:

  • As one of DeKalb County’s few non-profit entities collaborating with other non-profit and for-profit partners to drive affordable home building, we are laying out plans that factor in a more positive public health status and also a not so positive rise in the cost of supplies.  
  • We plan to build two homes from the ground up this year! Each will be for a DeKalb County family in need, and we are in the final selection phase for those families. With your support, we look forward to making these families’ homeownership dreams become a reality. 
  • We will also be continuing our Veteran and Senior Repair Program to accomplish 15-20 more repair projects this year. 

If you would like to help us continue our work in DeKalb County consider volunteering, sponsoring a build or repair project, or donating.