Mother’s Day Message from Sharon Steele, Executive Director

Mother's Day

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”  -Raplh Waldo Emerson

But, what if you’re a mother trying to build your home, and you have no walls?  You have the love, the determination, the devotion, to hold your home together but no house to do it with? And maybe you’re a devoted single mother without a partner to help, like 72% of the recent homeowners who applied for a Habitat home with us. 

Or the house you love needs more tender loving care than you can provide? As a single mother with children, you don’t have enough dollars after you feed and clothe and protect your children. You have the hammer, but not the other necessary tools to keep your family’s home safe.

This Mother’s Day, please help Habitat for Humanity DeKalb make dreams come true for DeKalb County mothers and families in need.  Help us pick up the hammer for them, provide the nails, the shingles, the pipes for plumbing, and much, much more. Let mothers concentrate on loving and caring for their family and being the heartbeat of their home. Your dollars will also help veterans and seniors in need, and your community as a whole: every $1.00 invested in Habitat for Humanity DeKalb equals $1.56 injected into your community’s economy.

We know you have many ways you could celebrate your mom and the nurturing women in your life for Mother’s Day. We hope you can add to that a celebration of how important it is to have a safe and stable home, and even donate in honor of a nurturing woman in your life.

Donate today in honor of someone you love, and in doing so, know that you’re nurturing your local community members’ health and educational outcomes, financial stability, and more.

We thank you for your support and wish you a peaceful and memorable Mother’s Day.


Sharon Steele,
Executive Director