New Homeowners enjoying once vacant, now renovated home!

A family of four is enjoying a once-vacant home that has been renovated and donated to them.

On July 26, the Dukuly-Sasay family, along with Habitat for Humanity—DeKalb, house sponsors and volunteers celebrated the completion of the home. The house was donated by Bank of America to Habitat for Humanity—DeKalb, which renovated the home for the family with help from other sponsors and volunteers.

“During our 26-year history, we have helped over 70 families achieve the dream of homeownership,” said Bob Boyd, executive director of Habitat for Humanity—DeKalb. “We are so grateful to all of the construction leaders, volunteers, and house sponsors that made the dream of homeownership possible for the wonderful Dukuly-Sasay family.”

Habitat for Humanity-DeKalb supporters and volunteers worked with the family to renovate the vacant home for Samuka Dukuly-Sasay, his wife, Mariama, and their two children.

“When you have a home, you are free,” she said. “Freedom from the constraints of apartment living. You can invite family and friends over, have music playing and plant flowers in your own yard.”

Construction leaders for the project were volunteer Ron Abercrombie, and Habitat for Humanity board member—Thomas Billups, with the help of more than 150 volunteers; including the Dukuly family with many of their friends and family.

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