Hold up! I’m Impacted by DeKalb’s Affordable Housing Crisis Too?!

IIn DeKalb County, Georgia, we are facing an affordable housing crisis that impacts many of our neighbors. This issue might seem like it only affects those in need of affordable housing, but the truth is, it touches us all. Therefore, here’s why you should care and how you can help make DeKalb County a better place for everyone.

A Strong Community Depends on Affordable Housing

Social Fabric and Stability

When rising housing costs force people to move, it disrupts the social fabric of our neighborhoods. Long-time residents, friends, and families are displaced, eroding the sense of community they’ve had. However, when people can stay in their homes, they actually invest in their neighborhoods by supporting local businesses and events.

Economic Health

Affordable housing is not just a social issue; it’s an economic one. DeKalb’s housing costs are too high, impacting workers across various sectors. Our children’s teachers, healthcare workers, service industry employees, and more are struggling to live close to their jobs. This is leading to higher turnover rates, longer commutes, and reduced productivity, all of which hurts DeKalb in the long-run. Ensuring affordable housing means a stronger, more resilient economy for everyone.

Compassion and Fairness

Basic Human Dignity

Housing is a basic human need. Everyone in DeKalb deserves a safe and stable place to live. Moreover, having access to affordable housing affirms the dignity and worth of every person in our community. It’s about fairness and compassion, values that universally bind us together.

Addressing Inequality

The affordable housing crisis often disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, including low-income families, older adults, and people with disabilities. Stand with Habitat DeKalb to address this crisis and commit to a more just and equitable community.

Guided by Faith

Love Thy Neighbor

As people of faith, we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves. We’re compelled to care for those in need and to work tirelessly to improve their lives. Investing in affordable housing answers this call and embodies God’s love in our actions.

Habitat DeKalb’s Mission

Habitat DeKalb is dedicated to putting God’s love into action by building and advocating for affordable housing in our community. Our work is a tangible expression of our faith and commitment to serving others. Through our efforts, we strive to create a community where everyone has a decent place to live.

The Ripple Effect of Stability

Better Outcomes for Children

Affordable housing is crucial for children’s development by providing a sense of stability. Kids who grow up in stable homes are more likely to succeed in school, enjoy better health, and have more opportunities later in life. Therefore, our work is crucial for families have to have access to affordable housing. Because when we invest in DeKalb, we invent in the next generation of leaders.

Health and Well-Being

Housing instability is linked to a range of health problems, including stress, mental health issues, and chronic diseases. When people have stable housing, they are healthier and less reliant on emergency services. As a result, this benefits DeKalb by reducing healthcare costs, which can lower property taxes, and ensuring a healthier population overall.

Taking Action Together

Community Involvement

Solving the affordable housing crisis requires not just us, but your involvement. DeKalb government officials, businesses, and nonprofits also have roles to play. Get involved by advocating for policies, volunteering with local organizations, or simply staying informed and spreading awareness.

Supporting Local Initiatives

DeKalb County has several initiatives aimed at addressing the housing crisis, but they need our support. By backing these efforts, we can help create more affordable housing options and ensure that existing units are preserved.

Building a Better Future

When you and I come together to tackle the affordable housing crisis, we build a stronger, more inclusive community. We’re all about creating a DeKalb where everyone from all walks of life can live, work, and thrive.


The affordable housing crisis in DeKalb County affects us all, and it’s a problem we can solve together. By caring about affordable housing, we care about our neighbors, our economy, our children, and our future. It takes everyone– you, us, DeKalb county, other nonprofits, and local business to make our community better. Our investment in affordable housing means a brighter, more equitable future for DeKalb.