Veteran Home Repair: Mr. Clark

Mr. Clark and Ms. Geneva

The latest veteran to join our home repair program was Mr. Clark. He is a 67-year young Vietnam Veteran who served from 1974-1977. Mr. Clark, born in Memphis, TN, is permanently disabled due to his experience in the Vietnam War.

Mr. Clark has lived a full and productive life. It is a privilege to be able to help make his retirement years at home more comfortable.

After the war, he moved to New York City with his children. Mr. Clark worked as a computer engineer (formerly known as computer technician) for NCR and Digital Equipment Corporation. For three consecutive years, he was named the best technician of choice in the area.

Marrying his life partner, Ms. Geneva, included a move back to Georgia. The two bought a home in DeKalb County. He became a member of the Job Corps and received training to become an automobile technician. At one point, he called himself the “Mobile Mechanic.”

Mr. Clark is still able to tinker with cars. He does his best to do small projects around his home. He came to us to address large critical home repair issues that he is no longer able to do on his own. We were happy to help!

Here are a few repairs that have been identified: 

  • Roof Repair
  • Replacement of water tank
  • Gas water heater relocated
  • Front & back porch steps need repairing to proper height
  • Adding grab bars in bathrooms
  • Bath vents inoperable and need replacing
  • Screened in porch leaks

Addressing critical home repairs allows veterans like Mr. Clark and his wife, Ms. Geneva, to age in place safely within their own home and community.

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