We’re excited to partner with Roots Down on this home build!

As we come to the final stretch of completing the home build and handing over the keys, we’ve partnered with Roots Down to design and install the landscaping for the home.

Roots Down?

Founded in 2018, Roots Down is an environmental education firm dedicated to helping developers, HOA’s, and large organizations with the design, installation, and maintenance of ecological landscaping and pollinator habitats. 

They conduct landscape audit reports through site visits, identifying existing landscaping practices contribute to long-term environmental problems and analyze your budgets to identify potential cost savings across 5 core metrics of landscape sustainability: water, carbon, labor, plant lifecycle, and chemical input.

Roots Down has developed community-based education and activation programs that bring people together, educate landscaping professionals, and grow capacity within large organizations to design, build, and maintain Productive Urban Landscapes.

At Habitat DeKalb, we want to ensure we use best practices to build energy efficient homes that’s not only built financially and materially sustainable, but also has a smaller footprint on the environment. We’re excited to partner with Roots Down on this home build!

On 9/14 from 8am-1pm, Roots Down will head on site to get started with a small team. They are requesting an additional 6 volunteers to help them with the final steps of our home build.

Check your email for the sign-up link.

Are you interested in volunteering?