Nuts & Bolts Newsletter- June 2023

Hello Family,

Whew! Can you believe we are at the halfway mark for 2023? Before we know we will begin to see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations going up! I’m reminded of a term I’m sure many of us have heard that “time flies when you are having fun” and that rings true for us here at Habitat DeKalb. We embrace our mission wholeheartedly and you can feel that enthusiasm on every jobsite!   

The newsletter serves as an opportunity for us to pause and reflect on the work accomplished with the help of donors, volunteers, advocates, and supporters like you!  Thank you!

It is officially summer, and we hope you have a chance to have some fun!

To the next holiday – have a safe and fun 4th of July – don’t forget to pause and reflect on your own accomplishments.

Hammers up!


Executive Director

Home Repair

Mr. Lester

  • Mr. Lester, a veteran, was a cook in the service. When he retired, the rear deck became one of his favorite places to enjoy as well as cook. Over time, it rotted and became unsafe. It’s currently being replaced so Mr. Lester can enjoy his favorite place again and cook. As a way of completing his sweat equity, he made breakfast for all the volunteers.

Home Build

We are at Phase 6: Finishing the Interior.

The final coat of paint is also applied where applicable. The doors, windowsills and decorative trim are installed which include baseboards, door casings, stair balusters, cabinets, vanities, fireplace mantels, etc. The granite kitchen countertops were donated by A Touch of Stone.

On the exterior, the driveway, walkways, and patio are formed at this stage. Many builders prefer to wait until the end of the project before pouring the driveway because heavy equipment (such as a drywall delivery truck) can damage concrete. But some builders pour the driveway as soon as the foundation is completed so that when homeowners visit the construction site, they won’t get their shoes muddy.

Soon, the home will have engineered hardwood flooring that was donated by RW Supply!

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Cars For Homes

Eden is a father who recently donated a car through our Cars for Homes program that resells or recycles them to raise funds that’ll help us carry out our mission. Cars, like homes, hold memories that bring us a sense of nostalgia. For Eden, this red Oldsmobile reminded him of his brother’s wedding and grandfather. Continue reading to learn what he said.

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We had 62 volunteers serve with us from Publix, Shallowford Church, State Farm, Fresh Start Solutions, and our regular volunteers. They gave a total of about 370 hours to help us fulfill our mission.

Thank you for your time and effort. We greatly appreciate it.

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